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In this first POINT of the new millennium, we want to thank some of the good folks who make this paper possible. Our poetry editor, Tom Johnson (an award-winning poet himself), mines South Carolina talent to bring you the work of some of the state's finest poets. Hord Stubblefield does many of POINT's covers, including this one shown above, as well as the editorial cartoons that run in Loose Lips. We aren't alone in loving this man; Sandlapper recently ran a profile on him. Steve Hait maintains POINT's fab Web site. Victoria Reed, a mother of four who runs her own business, Readable Ink, proofs each issue even if it means staying up half the night to do so. We are grateful for her sharp eye (and matching wit).

Thanks to all of you who help South Carolina get the POINT: Brenda Lyles, who distributes in the Upstate, as well as the many volunteers who get the paper out in the Lowcountry, on college campuses and in smaller towns across the state. If you want some papers to put out in your neck of the woods, give us a call at 803-808-3384. Some of you ask for copies of the paper to hand out at meetings, and we are glad to honor those requests whenever possible. Finally, without our writers where would we be? A special thanks and hearty congratulations to longtime POINT essayist Cecil L. Bothwell III, who just published an anthology of his work, Gorillas in the Myth, a Duck Soup Reader (see review on page 18). Good show, lad!

You may notice that this issue does not include our regular feature "Do Something," a listing of meetings, support groups and events around the state. As a quarterly, it is harder to maintain a timely listing, so we have dropped it until POINT resumes a monthly schedule, which we hope to do in the year 2000. In the meantime, if you want to find out what's shaking, visit the South Carolina Progressive Network's Web site (link to if from the POINT site) or get on their mailing list by calling 803-808-3384.


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