Get the Point

Get informed. Get angry. Get involved. That's what we hope this issue of POINT helps you do. You may have had it up to here with politics. We share your pain. But you can't afford to tune out. Literally. Find out why in our story on money in politics in this issue. We hope you will be moved to join the fight for campaign finance reform in South Carolina. Simply put, we cannot leave it to the mainstream media or elected officials to lead on this issue; it is not in their best interest.

So far, the debate over campaign finance reform — just as in the debate over the Confederate flag — is being framed by those with a political stake in the fight. If regular citizens are again shut out of the process, the outcome will likely be the same: a deal that benefits the power elite without resolving the fundamental problem, in this case the soaring cost of campaigns and the influence that private money has on public policy. Okay, enough preaching.

We've added something this issue, we're happy to report. Columbia writer T. Dean Adams offers the first of what will be a regular column on feminist ideas, events and issues. We are very glad to have her. The column doesn't yet have a name; suggestions welcome at

You may notice a couple things missing in this issue. Sorry, no poetry. But don't worry, it will be back in the next POINT. It was bumbling on the part of our staff, not the fault of our poetry czar, Tom Johnson, that there is no poetry this month. Our apologies.


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