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In the last issue, we announced that POINT would return to a monthly printing schedule this fall. Hate to say it, but that isn't going to happen. In fact, the next issue will be our last. We are saying so now to offer you one last chance to give us a piece of your mind. If you've been meaning to write us that letter, fire off that editorial, let rip that gonzo essay, now's your chance. We'd love to include your thoughts in the farewell edition of POINT.

This POINT is an example of advocacy journalism at its best. Our cover story on racial profiling, even before it went to press, helped illuminate the problem for Midlands law enforcement officials, who are now in the process of changing the way they record traffic stops. Until now, there has been no mechanism to track whether blacks are being targeted by police. With new procedures in place, we will discover whether stories of racial profiling are true or simply urban myth.

The essays "Confederacies of Desire," "Worth Living" and "A Failed Methodist Explores Wicca in the Upstate" are intimate and provocative, and should challenge even our most unflappable readers. And, as usual, in this issue we have feminist commentary (T. Dean Adams), an environmental column (C.L. Bothwell III's "DuckSoup"), bipartisan gossip ("Loose Lips") and homegrown poetry (365 Degrees).

It's been great fun mining the state for good writers with something honest to say. Thank you for being such a smart, loyal and forgiving readership. Let us hear from you. Send letters or comments to POINT, P.O. Box 8325, Columbia, SC 29202 or e-mail


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