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To all of you college kids who have been away frolicking for the summer, welcome back. To all of you working stiffs who had no fun at all this summer, do yourself a favor and up your frolick quotient. It's easy, and cheap. In this issue, we'll show you how.

Take a few days - even your standard weekend - and head for the Mountain Bridge Wilderness, a spectacular stretch of land in the Upstate.

The wilderness area is home to several state parks, a well-kept trail system and more waterfalls than anywhere else in the country. You can go for the day, enjoy a scenic ride, short hikes and picnic in any of the several sites set up for outdoor feasting. Or you can be more adventurous and spend the night, or several, camping in the big outdoors. Whatever you choose to do, you won't be sorry. Unless, of course, you forget to pack the weiners.

Fall promises to be a busy time for us here at POINT. We are planning a poetry reading on Sullivan's Island for all of you Lowcountry poetry lovers. We have no reason to believe it won't be just as grand a time as was last fall's poetry reading in Cedar Creek. We are also planning to throw another POINT benefit in Columbia, a rock-and-roll kind of good time. Stay tuned for dates and times. We are also planning, through our parent organization the Natural Guard Fund, a statewide progressive conference. The idea is to form a network of progressive groups, operating on the belief that a more coordinated effort will make us all stronger. A steering committee will meet late this month to map out an agenda and planning strategies. All groups and individuals working for the benefit of the environment or social and economic justice are invited to attend. Please contact us at 254-1803 or 254-9398 for information. The conference is tentatively scheduled for January.

The Natural Guard is still working to build membership. If you haven't yet become a part of the family, please consider doing so (it's simple, just fill out the form below). Help support independent journalism in South Carolina, before Mickey owns everything.

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