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This may be the only publication in the world that has not used the 15th and 10th letters of the alphabet to refer to anything other than a citrus drink. But with the trial finally over (ending on the same day President Bill Clinton announced Domestic Violence Awareness month) we had to add our two cents. This month's page three examines the lessons the tabloid trial wrought.
Quite by accident, this month's issue of POINT has a decidedly female bent. It started with our frustration over the lousy job the mainstream press did in covering the women's conference last month in Beijing. To bring you the news you may have missed, we pulled some dispatches from the Internet's alternative publications. We hope it moves you to action.
Adding to the discourse on the condition of women, Jeremy M. Hanna offers his sad/funny observations about Barbie's arrested development. Plastic, it seems, is even more dangerous than we thought.
If you are one of the literary midgets who never reveled in the timeless relevance of William Shakespeare, you might appreciate Rodney Welch's take on the old bard, and the theater company trying so hard to make him palatable enough for mass consumption. This month the South Carolina Shakespeare Company will once again do its best to expose the uncultured masses to free theatre in Columbia. Leave your boom-box at home and go get some culture.
Last month we gave you the naked truth about the first nudist colony in America, located near Beaufort. What we forgot to include was the address for Nude and Natural: The Quarterly Journal of Clothes-Optional Living, which is: P.O. Box 132, Oshkosh, WI 54902.
Wherever you are in the state, you're in a position to do something with us. Join us Saturday, Oct. 21, for a POINT poetry reading on Sullivan's Island (see page 15 for details). If you're in the Upstate, consider attending the Progressive Network meeting in Spartanburg on Oct. 16. If you're in the Midlands, come see the Progressive Printers Poster show, on display at the POINT offices through October. Hope to see you somewhere!

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