First, thanks to all of you who have written with high fives and personal checks recently to support the war effort. In the past couple of months we've had a jump in interest from our readership, and it goes a long way toward making this crew feel like getting up in the morning. Because of space considerations, we have saved the letters to run next month.
If something here yanks your chain, why not take a minute to let us, and your neighbors, know how you feel? If we make you mad, don't grumble in silence. If you know something we should, let us in on it. If you've got some ideas about how this paper can better meet your needs, let us hear them. Our e-mail address is If you still do it the old-fashioned way, our snail mail address is P.O. Box 8325, Columbia SC, 20202.
Thanks, too, to Sandra Fowler, who was kind enough to lend us her house on Sullivan's Island for last month's poetry benefit. To all of the Lowcountry poets who read that evening, we appreciate your time, your talent, and your belief in the written word.
Take note, poet types, that POINT this month is offering a chapbook of unpublished and new work by poets who have appeared in these pages. The book is edited by Tom Johnson, with original illustrations by Jan Ervin. It is the perfect gift for your lover, your best friend or your poet-loving neighbor. Six bucks buys you the work of 30 poets. Where else are you going to get a deal like that?
Attendance at the progressive printers poster show has so far been dismal. The national exhibit is on display another month at the POINT offices also the home of Harbinger Publications, a member of the Progressive Printers Network. We went through great pains to hang this show, taking things off the walls that haven't moved in 20 years. So you'd better come visit! (We're behind the Bombers ballpark in Columbia, in the ratty white building with the mural of the Incredible Hulk smashing through the wall.)

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