Happy holidays, POINTlets. Welcome to the December/January issue. For the first time, regrettably, POINT is skipping a month, meaning we won't be coming out in January. We hate to do it, but we've decided we would do well to take a few weeks to catch up financially and to let the staff catch its breath. Some of us have been grinding out the paper without time off for nearly five years; a break, we believe, is better than mutiny.
Actually, we won't be vacationing, but regrouping. We hope to refocus the staff's time and energy in a way that will make the paper sustainable. To help us do that, POINT has recruited John Vernelson, who recently sold his newspaper in the lowcountry, The Goose Creek Gazette, and is coming on board to lend his business expertise as well as writing and photography skills. We couldn't be happiet to have him join us. He will be working in Charleston, which will lend us a presence in the Holy City.
If you haven't seen POINT's Web site, take a minute to plug into us online. Thanks to Steve Hait, who does the electronic wizardry, South Carolina's alternative newsmonthly is now on the World Wide Web. You can find us at: http://www.scpronet.com/point/. Come visit and drop us a message to let us know you stopped by. We are grateful for Steve, as he has been offering his services free of charge. It is a kindness we don't take lightly.
Finally, let us suggest a few holiday gift ideas. You can use the form on the Feedback page to communicate on any of the following. POINT itself is the pefect present for friends and foes alike. Put someone on our mailing list who you know wants/needs to get the POINT, and we will send them a card to let them know who bought them a subscription. (Or, in the case of an enemy, we can send it anonymously, if you wish.) If you have a friend with a poetic bent, why not buy them a copy of You, Year, the just released chapbook of POINT poets? The book, edited by Tom Johnson, is a collection of new or never-published work by 30 poets who have appeared in these pages. It is just $6 (plus $2 shipping). Call 254-1803 or 1-800-849-1803 to -order. You can also use those numbers to order a POINT T-shirt for the fashion-minded person on your gift list. They will thank you. And so will we. -
-See you next year!

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