We hope you missed getting the POINT last month. It wasn't much of a vacation for us, although we did sleep in later than usual. The extra dream time gave us a chance to refocus our efforts. We hope it shows.
This month we are excited to announce the formation of the South Carolina Progressive Network, which is ready to get to work [see page 3]. The network has been picking up organizing tactics from the Christian Coalition, so no more liberal Mr. Nice Guy.
The network includes progressive groups from across the state, and has agreed to take on the Confederate flag as an initial project. If you want to get involved in this effort, give us a call and we'll tell you how you can make the bigots squirm. The number to dial is 254-9398.
We hope you notice that this month's features on the Voter's Rights Act and the governmental task force on racism pick at the scab politicians are trying to grow over a festering situation. Important White Guys want you to believe that polite discussion will erase the intractable problems black people endure daily. Don't fall for it. The mess we find ourselves in will require more than platitudes and happy talk to fix.
We hope that our efforts, while they may make some people uncomfortable, illustrate that feeling good just ain't enough to overcome 400 years of inequality. Most of the black children in this state live below the poverty level, and "open and honest dialogue" won't help them near as much as health care, day care and decent education.
We apologize in advance for the hint of criticism in the article about the Palmetto Project's conference on racism that was held down on the plantation last month. While we think it is a good first step, it's time for everyone to quit being so damned polite. There is too much at stake.
Like Fredrick Douglass, we believe, "Those who want progress without struggle are like those who want crops without plowing, like those who want rain without thunder and lightening, power concedes nothing without demand and struggle, it never has and it never will."
'Nuff said.

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