It's sometimes perverse fun helping South Carolina's political elite get the POINT. Last month, our story on the governor's task force on racism made its way into the hands of its members. When the governor walked into his conference room to address the first meeting of the task force, all 17 members had a copy of POINT in front of them. (You may remember that a cartoon of the governor himself graced the cover.) The briefing packet task force members received contained only one document: the list of questions POINT submitted to the governor and the answers his office supplied.
This month's cover story raises some questions about a death last July at Spartanburg's Best Buy. The district solicitor ruled it an accidental homicide last month without knowing that the security guard who "restrained" a customer until he was dead was a wanted man. You can expect to hear more about this as the "responsible" media realizes they missed the point and SLED realizes that they have an unserved warrant for a security guard with a cruel streak.
Take the time to read the brief piece on the Progressive Network. The network may be your best bet for holding back the reactionary tide that threatens to swallow us all. The network is planning a strategy conference at Penn Center April 13 that sounds suspiciously like a party. The invitation reads, "If I can't dance, I don't want to be in your revolution." Everyone is welcome.
We want to thank Jason Vest for his piece on the GOP. Vest was in town recently to cover the Republican primary for several Yankee newspapers and stopped by the office to meet the people behind the rag he had picked up on the street. He liked our "edge" ; we like his wit. Hope you like it too.
Finally, we have a favor to ask. A POINT staff member found a puppy last week, a black lab-rottweiler-godknowswhat mix that ran out in front of her car. She spends her days now at the office, finding creative ways to use our newspaper. Thing is, she still doesn't have a name. So we are soliciting suggestions from readers. If we choose yours we will send you a POINT t-shirt as a token of our appreciation. Call us, fax us, e-mail us, write us. About this or anything else. (And, for cryin' out loud, get your dogs fixed!)

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