W e hope this issue finds you in fine feather, reveling in the thaw, remembering again why you choose to make South Carolina your home. "Oh, yeah," we say when the azaleas and dogwoods begin to bloom. "I love this place."
And we must be in love to put up with everything else that comes with living at this Third World address. Okay so we've got rednecks, xenophobia, fatty food, grinding poverty, a cowboy government, jails filled to overflowing, shrinking social services and people who wear sheets to make political statements; this is still a great place to live. We have sultry seasons, wide-open skies, fatty food, religious convictions, familial sensibilities and a reverence for those who came before. For the most part, we are a decent, grounded lot. Don't you think?
It is that brand of optimism that feeds the members of the South Carolina Progressive Network, the coalition of grassroots activists which is holding a conference this month at Penn Center near Beaufort. POINT staffers have been involved with organizing the event, and we are excited about the prospect of meeting together, in one big gang, the best and brightest of South Carolina's social and political activists. The weekend conference on April 13 and 14 will be a strategy session, primarily; the secondary agenda is simply to have a big time. We hope you will consider joining us. For details and a brochure, call 803-254-9398 (in Columbia) or 1-800-849-1803 statewide.
We got word from one of our supporters this month that we thought warranted repeating. Bob, who owns Emerald Earth Trading Company in Greenwood, began advertising in POINT a few months ago. Recently, he had a carload of shoppers who arrived at his place of business with POINT in hand, saying they made the two-hour drive to his store after reading about it in this rag. They bought enough goods to pay for his ad. The moral of this story is that if you are a business owner you may want to consider advertising in these pages. If you aren't a business owner, but a shopper, tell POINT advertisers you found them because you saw their ad here. Freelance ambassadors is what this paper needs to stay alive.
Thanks to all of you who suggested names for the POINT canine find. The winning submission was from Jason Vest. The puppy has been named Emma, as in Goldman, one of America's finest revolutionaries.

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