This month we lead with shameless promotion of the first conference of the South Carolina Progressive Network, the coalition of grassroots groups that POINT has been helping to organize. Some 65 activists met over the weekend of April 13 14 at Penn Center (near Beaufort) to solidify the Network and to identify some projects for the group to launch.

There is an old school of activist thought that says if you're not being cut off at the knees you're not standing tall enough. So when the ultraconservative South Carolina Policy Council a right wing think tank said nasty things about the Network in its latest newsletter, we were gratified.

Under the headline Radicals Rally Anew, they wrote: " Liberals realize they no longer have the public's attention or sympathy and are desperate to regain power in government. In order to seize political and ideological leadership, the coalition was formed to orchestrate a grassroots counter-culture movement that favors their radical agendas. The group is fast becoming the Beavis and Butthead of South Carolina politics

"In the past, progressive' groups claimed to have new ideas Today's progressives have no new ideas. They are both morally and intellectually bankrupt. As good capitalists who relish competition, all conservatives can say to the leaders of the Progressive Network is come on in and make our day.'"

Knowing how difficult it is to get people up and moving, POINT tips its hat to the GLPM organizers who pulled together last month's Pride March in Columbia. Some 5,000 gays, bisexuals and their friends who are straight but not narrow marched to show their intolerance of intolerance.

If you read nothing else in this issue, be sure to visit the Land of the Pasaquan on page 8. If it moves you, come to the Halsey Gallery at the College of Charleston this month for a series of events to celebrate the life and work of St. EOM. Curator Mark Sloan says that on May 10 a psychic will commune with the artist's spirit. No kidding.

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