365 Degrees

Tom Johnson
Poetry Editor


Found Poem: The State newspaper, Columbia, South Carolina, June 21, 1996


Today is the first full day of summer,

not to fry eggs on the sidewalk

or the hood of a car,

pack some ice in our bra,

find a shady spot and sit

till it melts.

It's summer

you know what that means:

big, dumb, overhyped records that

go to extravagant lengths

to say the same old things about

love, lust and wild youth.

Summer is Bryan Adams time,

The unapologetic sap.


the foremost symbol of order

in a society that is sick

of corruption.

Hilariously earnest ponderousness,

a lament over the control television

has assumed over the social routine,

replacing sundered human contact

with a kind of zombie-fied unity

claustrophobic close-ups.

A brilliant strategy.

a clean, well-run race restored ethics,

Christian values,

and common decency

to Irmo Chapin.

One of the last states to

desegregate schools,

the last state to

fly the Confederate flag,

we join the lead with other states

against the rights of homosexuals.

All it takes is the wrong question.


You accept the ashes of an old wooden sanctuary

as a call to action,

relishing all we've discovered

this week among the ruins.

Rev. J.M. Rice told commissioners

my heart hurts

his voice choked with emotion.

Tucker Baptist Chapel, destroyed

First Baptist Church in Williston, destroyed

Rock Hill Baptist Church, destroyed

Mt. Hill Missionary Baptist Church, gutted

Jerusalem Branch Baptist Church, destroyed

Ricer's Chapel, destroyed

Scrub Branch Baptist Church, destroyed

Rosemary Baptist Church, gutted

Summer Grove Baptist Church, destroyed

Mt. Zion AME Church, destroyed

Macedonia Baptist Church, destroyed

St. John's Baptist Church, destroyed

Islamic Mosque, destroyed

Prodigal Butler Chapel AME, destroyed

Effingham Baptist Church, gutted

Jesus Christ Holy Gospel, destroyed


Daddy stayed in the car for two weeks.

He only left long enough to take a bath and change clothes.

Sitting in his car on hot June evenings

delicately fiddling with his radio tuner

trying to pick up a faint auto-racing show.

Obviously this is an animal in trouble.

Drop by the museum between 1:30 and 4 p.m.

to shake mitts with Bombers

collect their autographs and take photos with them

a Bomber Girl or the team mascot

Bomber the Mouse.

It's amazing how God works.

by Sandra Stringer

Fighting Chair

(from a sporting goods catalogue)

Murray Brothers crossed rods

You're in the fight of your life

every muscle taught, every thought focused.

Your fighting chair: the perfect answer.

by Lyn Shull

Advertisement for Cylert brand cerebral stimulant

where possible, clinical involvement

should persist

recommended schedule of doses

gradually increased at one week intervals

(Nonlocalizing neurological symptoms)

there have been reports

of gastric discomfort, interaction

in humans has not been studied

the tongue, lips, facial extremities

hyperflexia, mydriasis, convulsion (may be followed by coma)

significant impaired renal functioning

is indicated as an integral part

of total treatment program

most patients will range from 56.25 to 75 mg.

decrements in growth

decreased seizure threshold

occurrence of elevated liver enzyme is not rare

rats with doses up to 150/kg/day per 18 months

impaired hepatic function

(see Adverse Reaction section)

determine efficacy of peritoneal dialysis

or external corporeal hemodialysis

each category

(safety and effectiveness)

has not been proven

may be prescribed verbally with multiple refills

by John Cooper

The Lutheran Church of the Reformation Sunday Bulletin, October 11, 1953 The day of my father's confirmation.

Take an hour out of your day

and visit with God.

And Jesus seeing their faith

said unto the sick of the palsy:

Free coffee and donuts will be served prior to service.

Nominal donations will be appreciated.

Morning Worship Words of Power

"Open My Eyes, that I May See"

Please allow ushers to seat the handicapped.

A list of members now in hospital has been posted.

Help keep it up to date.

Altar Flowers placed in loving memory.

Son, be of good cheer; thy sins be forgiven thee.

It seems a miracle that out of this hour

comes so much forgiveness.

by Terry Lorick

These four found poems were written by students in a summer English course at the University of South Carolina, a poetry workshop taught by professor Ed Madden.

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