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As the contradictions and embarrassments mount for the Beasley Administration, we try to remind ourselves it's tacky to take pleasure in our brothers' misfortunes. We're sure that the folks running the show are doing the best they can, given their priorities and values. That said, maybe it's time for us regular folks to do a reality check on where the Republican Revolution is taking us.

This month's story about Howard Finster by Tim Bullard captures the bizarre blend of pop culture and spirituality that is unfolding on the Grand Strand at the coming of the reverend from Georgia. Finster is an original. Bullard was so taken by the artist, in fact, that he spent $90 he didn't have to own a piece of Finster art. His wife was not amused. The two are, however, finally speaking.

Gallery owner Peter Nein prayed with the mayor of Myrtle Beach over Finster's work. "We cried, man, it was the most awesome experience," he said.

In this month's Loose Lips, we shine a little light on the "Grants for Buddies" program that has the FBI sniffing around the Governor's Office. It is a most sordid story. Lips caused a stir last month by sharing gossip about the governor's relationship with his communications director. It was irritating that a piece like that generated more response than any of our reports on more serious matters. Maybe The National Enquirer is onto something.

The gossip on the governor made last month's issue a hot item. So hot, in fact, that for much of the month our racks remained empty. We didn't have enough copies of the paper to keep our distribution sites stocked. If you missed it, oh well. There is one way to keep that from happening again: fill out the form below and send it with a $26 check. In exchange, we will put a POINT in your mailbox each month. Not only will you make sure you get the hardest-hitting newspaper in the state, you will be helping to support independent journalism in South Carolina.

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