F. Scott Fitzgerald

A centennial celebration


    19 September

    7 pm — Reception and Exhibition "Double Vision: Fitzgerald's World of Realism and Imagination" McKissick Museum Exhibition runs through 13 December

    25 September

    2 pm — Opening of Exhibition "F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Profession of Authorship"

    Thomas Cooper Library Speaker: Frederick Busch Runs through 23 November

    3 pm — Symposium "The Influence and Example of Fitzgerald" Moderator: George Garrett Panelists: Richard Bausch, Robert Bausch, Madison Smartt Bell, Sydney Blair

    7:30 pm — Opening of Fie! Fie! Fi-Fi! Longstreet Theatre Runs through 29 September

    26 September

    7 pm — Documentary on Fitzgerald Richland County Public Library

    8 pm — Reading from works by Fitzgerald and Malcolm Lowry's unproduced screenplay for Tender Is the Night Richland County Public Library


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