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It's election time again; you've no doubt noticed the signs cropping up like ugly weeds along South Carolina's roadsides. We wish this election cycle were more than an exercise in voting for the lesser of evils, but unfortunately it is not. Don't let that keep you from going to the polls on Nov. 4. More important, don't let that stop you from getting involved in your community and affecting the process so that next time around the choices aren't so dismal. Remember: politics begins at the grassroots. If your candidate sucks, you are partly to blame.

    This month POINT takes a look at South Carolina's oldest politician, the senior senator Strom Thurmond. That he gave a young millionaire a run for his money at age 93 speaks volumes, not only about the man, but about the state who continues to re-elect him. It is a forgiving electorate, which has not demanded that he vote for, or even sponsor, important legislation.

    It is also an electorate that has looked the other way when presented evidence that Thurmond maintained a relationship with a black co-ed at South Carolina State College at the same time he was preaching staunch segregation. Who is this woman? And why won't she — or Thurmond — answer the questions and put the mystery to rest?




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