Mobile Home Manifesto

From the Better Mobile Homes & Garbage Manifesto


Housing projects and and trailer parks act as a sort of societal Tupperware, keeping a lid on things for later consumption. If there are more than enough people to form a society, the leftovers are put aside, marginalized, until needed.

    As the supply of human life increases, the demand decreases, and the value of human life falls. Next thing you know, you have a bumper crop of people milling around, loitering, with nothing to do but cause trouble

    Manufactured homes work just like Tupperware. They sit in a trailer park analogous to a refrigerator shelf, holding the leftover meat until all of the good stuff is used up. Also like Tupperware, trailer houses can be moved from site to site. From freezer to microwave to table. From Shady Acres to Bambi's RV park to Lone Pine Trailer Court

    Storage of the underclass is planned, it's institutionalized. That's what zoning laws are about. Multifamily dwellings and trailer parks are built only where the land is zoned for those uses. Funny how most of the land zoned for these types of housing is usually on the other side of the tracks.

    by Greg Schroeder

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