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It may seem like spring outside, but fall is in the air. The fall of David Beasley that is. The Boy Wonder has turned 40 and peaked. With Charleston Mayor Joe Riley pulling out of the gubernatorial race before the breathing even got heavy, the political landscape has changed for both parties. While Beasley still has 570 days left in his reign, pols are acting like the election is next week.

    Political satire is hard to come up with when the legislature regularly acts like a Mad TV skit. We all need to give thanks to federal Judge Falcon Hawkins for stirring up the can of worms known as Lost Trust. We hope that the state Supreme Court finds the courage to sanction Bart Daniel for his role in the debacle, and are rooting for a new investigation into why the rich bad guys got away.

    For this month's story on the anti-choice protesters who regularly picket outside Charleston Women's Medical Clinic, Jill Carroll spent some time in the streets to get a feel for the people behind the placards. She came back with wide-eyed bemusement. "These people aren't against abortion," she said. "They are against sex."

    Clinics in Charleston and Greenville are using volunteer "escorts" to help protect women from being intimidated by protesters, who are growing louder and more abusive each year. If you are interested in becoming a clinic escort, call: 52% at 803-853-0052 in Charleston, or SC-NOW at

    864-297-0152 in Greenville. No escorts are needed in Columbia, as the clinic sits too far back on private property for protesters to harass women entering the facility. Also, a pro-choice rally is scheduled for Saturday, March 15, in front of the Charleston clinic. Call 52% for details.

    Finally, thanks to all of you who have recently become members of the POINT family. We couldn't do it without you!



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