"The person who says to a homosexual, 'You're okay,' they go to hell."

On the bus? Perhaps nobody is more pleased about the turnout for the family values rally than its organizer, the Rev. Stan Craig. In a telephone interview from his home, he talked at length about Citizens for Traditional Family Values. which he said includes about 400 churches, and the beliefs that fuel his moral convictions.

   Here are excerpts from that conversation.

  • What was the point of the rally?

        The purpose of the rally was to renew in the hearts of the people what family values are, to stand up for what America has been built upon. We see the inroads of abnormal deathstyles -- instead of a lifestyle I call it a deathstyle -- in this country. Our goals were to send a clear message that we will not tolerate outsiders, foreigners with their activist agendas, these militant sodomites.

        We really believe this march is a mild form of what will take place down the road. I believe that, as the buckle of the Bible Belt, the South has been targeted by gay activists. I don't want to offend anyone, but we have passion, we believe very strongly that someone has got to stop their inroads into government.


  • Saying that AIDS cannot be contracted through casual contact, health experts criticized your warnings to stay away from Greenville the day of the Pride March. You were accused of whipping up hysteria. Do you regret making those remarks?

        When you have an amassing of thousands of homosexuals, sodomites and pedophiles in town you're not worried about catching AIDS from the toilet seats but of what goes on in the toilets.

        Many people do not know that people with AIDS, many of them deliberately try to pass this disease on. These gay agenda weeks bring in people from ACT UP, and they do very defiant things. I have documentation of AIDS flight attendants who ejaculated into salads. People don't want to believe this kind of evidence. Homosexuals from ACT UP will go into restaurants and spit into the food. They will walk up to you and scratch your face and say, "Welcome to the world of AIDS."


  • Homosexuals claim they are born gay; after all, why would anyone choose to risk losing their families, friends and jobs. Why would they choose to make their lives so difficult?

        Even if, hypothetically, they could be born that way, Christ said you must be born again. We're all born with a sin nature, but we are born able to make a choice.


  • There were many members of the religious community, including ministers, at the Pride March. What do you think of Christians who share your faith but not your views?

        There are too many clergymen who are just social workers. The person who says to a homosexual, "You're okay," they go to hell. I believe the blood of those people will be on the hands of the clergy because they did not have the guts to say something is wrong.


  • Was the Traditional Family Values rally a success?

        We estimate that we had 25 - 30,000 people who tried to get into the rally. Traffic was backed up all the way to Mauldin. This community stood up and said we don't want this agenda, don't want them taking our children. I say, "Bravo! Halleluyah!"

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