PK wives condemn weak men and strong women for social ills.
Promise Keepers

The Promise Keepers is a strictly male organization. Women who want to show their support can join Promise Partners, where they pledge to pray for their husbands and sons to stay true to their promises. These are excerpts from Promise Partners' "An Open Letter to our Sisters," posted on the group's Web site.

Partners logo "The good news is that, as women, we have been given an awesome position of power and influence in the lives of men around the world. Now, to some who may be feeling profoundly helpless at this moment, that may sound like a ridiculous statement. However, bear with us for a bit. The reality is that the God of the universe chose us to be "helpmates" -- individuals so important to men that we were initially created out of the cells taken from the side of the first man...

The bad news is that while many men are strong, loving upholders of Godliness, others have abdicated their God-given positions of responsibility, leadership and protection in the homes of our nations.

More bad news is that many women have been duped into following the vain philosophies of foolish, frustrated women who shake their fists, tear at men and relationships, and call on our sisters to empower themselves -- with what?

There is no one who feels weaker than a young mom who, having bought into the rhetoric about getting rid of her husband one day finds herself all alone in a cold water flat, on welfare with three babies. Many women have abdicated their God-given position of influence through aggression, withdrawal and rejection.

The result?

  • a 50 percent divorce rate on first marriages and an 80 percent divorce rate on remarriages;
  • a predominance of single parent families;
  • 50 percent of mothers working outside the home out of necessity -- not choice;
  • mushrooming mental illness due to separation;
  • unprecedented rebelliousness of children; and
  • escalating suicide and crime rates for all ages.
Promise Keepers

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