Get the Point

We didn't put out a paper in November. Maybe you noticed. We weren't on vacation, we were busy helping with the progressive strategy conference in Beaufort. The conference was cosponsored by the South Carolina Progressive Network -- a variegated coalition of grassroots groups -- and the state AFL-CIO. It was a chance for people who spend too much of their time in the trenches to get away to the Lowcountry and recharge their batteries.

The weekend attracted grassroots activists from across South Carolina who came to meet other organizers and to look ahead to the coming year and the challenges it will bring to groups working for human rights, environmental protection and an equitable workplace.

When it was over, we asked some participants what they thought of the weekend. Kathy Moore of Charleston said, "I thought it nothing short of miraculous that groups representing feminism, labor, anti-hunger and various civil rights campaigns agreed on so much and worked so well together toward goals common to all but central to few. As a resource, I hope the Network continues to provide haven, support and strength for liberal people and their organizations statewide. As a coalition, I hope we can have a positive and moderating influence on the politics as well as the lives of the citizens of this often reactionary state."

If you belong to a grassroots group or social service organization and want to find out about the Network and what it can do for you, call 803-808-3384. To find the Network meeting nearest you see Do Something.

To our readers, especially to those who support us with their hard-earned dollars, thanks for forgiving our absence. We thought it was important. After all, helping grow a progressive sensibility in South Carolina lies at the heart of this newspaper.


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