In the December issue, I read Meg Barnhouse's article "The Right is Wrong about `Biblical family values'" with frequent nods of agreement. She offers only a few of the many examples of family values to be found in the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament that are not Mother-Father-two-children models.

Actually, the Biblical two parent-two-children family which comes to mind readily is Eve-Adam-Cain and Abel. Oh, wait! Isn't that the couple who walked in innocence with God, then ate their way into expulsion from paradise? A couple living in sin, without benefit of clergy to bless their union or State Legislature to grant them legal rights. And, didn't one son kill his brother then lie to God about it? Are these family values to emulate?

As for Jesus's family: I recall he essentially rejected his mother, sisters and brothers when they came to take him back away from his "chosen family," his disciples. I read that the young unmarried but pregnant woman who became his mother later stood watching the crucifixion of her son after he "gave" her to the care of the "disciple whom he loved." What interesting family values represented in his birth family.

Meg Barnhouse asks, "Do they think we don't read the Bible for ourselves?" I'm convinced "they" don't even consider whether we've read it. "They" obviously haven't and it certainly hasn't stopped "them" from stating with conviction what the Bible says.

Perhaps "they" need some Biblical reminders about judging not, lest you be judged. Or about the commandments which Jesus stated were above all others: to love God with all your heart, your mind, your soul, your strength and to love others as yourself. Talk about family values! Now that's something to emulate.

Rev. Patricia Voelker, M.C.C. Columbia

Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with our advertising in your great publication! We're very proud to support a publication that gives a voice to such great writers who truly are in touch with the voice of the people of South Carolina.

Hope you have a prosperous New Year!


Addy Sulley, Greenville


On a recent visit to Pamplico, I noticed loads of trash flowing down the Great Pee Dee River off of Old River Road. There were paper bags plastic, tires and trees flowing down the river. An elderly couple there to collect cans told me that boats often dodge the trash or risk puncturing their boats or worse, capsizing. Recently, divers had a difficult time locating the body of a boater because of debris in the river.

If some people aren't going to take care of the environment, it's up to the public to report these individuals to authorities. Get the person's license plate and name if you can, photograph or videotape them, and report him or her to the proper authorities. Do it for yourself and future generations. With your help, maybe we can save the environment and national treasures like the Great Pee Dee River.

If you are interested in forming an organization to stop polluting the river, please contact me at PO Box 927, Silver Spring, MD 20910 or email: create4932@erols.com.

Thank you.

Kathy Andrews, Silver Spring, Md.

What in hell is Best Buy suppose to do -- let the guy just walk off. He was a thief!!!!!!!!!! ["Best Buy; a Killer Deal," March 1996 POINT, a story about Douglas Fischer, who died at the hands of a security guard at Best Buy.]

Jon Johnson, jjpilot@mhtc.net


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