Get the Point

This issue is dedicated to South Carolina's environment. Seems that while we weren't looking, this state became the country's garbage dump. We hope this issue of POINT gives you something to think about and, just maybe, something to fight for.

By way of full disclosure, readers should know that the publisher and editor of POINT have for the past year been working with grassroots groups from across the state on an initiative to restructure DHEC, the state's environmental agency.

Some will argue that our connection to the project renders us incapable of covering this story without bias. Perhaps.

But we believe our experience lends us a valuable perspective that we could not have as a member of the "straight" media. For many months, we have been meeting with lawyers, legislators, community leaders and environmental activists, some of whom go way back with DHEC. We have heard them talk with the freedom they would not if they were "on record." While we have not used any quotes from those meetings or discussed what went on in them, the discussions deepened our understanding of how DHEC works -- and how it doesn't.

Finally, we invite anyone at DHEC, including those who declined to be interviewed, to respond to our coverage in this issue. We will gladly publish any written responses in the next POINT.

The same goes for you non-DHEC people. So start reading. And let us hear from you.


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