Reinventing DHEC
Grassroots coalition makes case for reform

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Reinventing DHEC South Carolina houses more than 400 hazardous waste generators that produce about 170,000 tons of dangerous waste each year. If you divided it evenly, every person in South Carolina would get more than 3,000 pounds of the stuff, nearly twice the national average.

While this state generates and imports more toxic waste than nearly any other, it spends less than a third of what the average state spends on regulating the waste industry.

This issue of POINT looks at how South Carolina's business-friendly climate and lax environmental laws attract polluting companies -- and why a group of your neighbors has banded together to challenge the status quo.

The stories:
What a Dump! by Becci Robbins
Dirty Stories by Brett Bursey
Dispatches from the Front Lines by Becci Robbins
Talking with Moses by Becci Robbins
DHEC's Report Card

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