Network Navigator Program

The Network’s Navigator Program is a natural fit with our efforts to help people in South Carolina meet their basic needs. While we’ve worked tirelessly to convince the State Legislature to expand Medicaid and to provide a State Healthcare Exchange, those proposals were ignored.

The Federal Exchange – called the Marketplace – is the only avenue South Carolinians currently have to affordable healthcare. The Network has 10 federally certified Navigators trained to help people enroll in this subsidized insurance program. They can answer questions, deliver group presentations, and schedule one-on-one counseling sessions for those who need help enrolling in the program.

Below is a list of Healthcare Navigators, with their contact information and primary areas of operation. The main Navigator office is 803-445-1921.

Tim Liszewski: 803.445.1921 and 919.264.6403 (cell),, lead navigator
Loreen Myerson: 843-475-2859,, Charleston
Wayne Borders: 504-338-0801 and 803-445-1921, Columbia
Shannon Staley: 803-361-1571,, Columbia
Bradley Powell: 803-445-1921,, Lexington
Sheila Jackson: 864-608-0030,, Greenville
Pamela Crawford: 803-997-2162,, Orangeburg
Cherie Mabrey: 803-792-4885,, Rock Hill
Virginia Sanders: 803-445-1921, 803-479-8125,, Sumter

Important links is the main site for information on this program.

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