Campaign for a Moral Budget

South Carolina’s political leaders have insisted there is no alternative to deep cuts in core services, including to education and medical care. We believe there is an immediate and fair budget alternative through reforms that cut special-interest tax breaks. The money is there; the political will is not. Consider:

  • Sales and service tax exemptions left nearly $4 billion out of the state budget last year.
  • 40% of South Carolinians paid no state income tax last year.
  • Facing an $800 million shortfall to maintain bare-bones state services, increasing tax revenue is a moral imperative.

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At a May 1, 2012, press conference, Sen. Phil Leventis argued that South Carolina is not broke but is teetering on the verge of moral bankruptcy in its failure to meet the needs of its citizens. He has introduced a bill (S 1454) that eliminates or reduces many sales tax exemptions that benefit special interests. The nearly $1 billion in new revenue would be used to fund statutory obligations for education and local governments. The SC Progressive Network will work to advance this bill into the next legislative session.

SC Progressive Network Director Brett Bursey speaks at a press conference May 1, 2012, in support of Sen. Phil Leventis new bill that would cut many sales tax exemptions for special interests and use the $1 billion in new revenue to fund education and local governments.

In 2011, we rallied at the SC State House

We mobbed the lobby.

Watch “I’m Just Saying” video editorial by SC Progressive Network Director Brett Bursey on WLTX TV, which ran on April 4.

See photos from our campaign here.

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