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Our Healthy Democracy Campaign has been ambitious and aggressive. The fight over health care for our most vulnerable citizens isn’t over. In 2016, we expect the Medicaid expansion discussion to center around what are called waivers.

The Social Security Act allows the Secretary of Health and Human services to waive certain Medicaid requirements to give states the flexibility to test new benefit designs and new approaches for delivering health careā€”so long as they promote the objectives of the Medicaid program. States have been using these waivers for decades, and 34 states currently have Section 1115 waivers in effect. The waiver application and approval process, however, has often taken place behind closed doors with little opportunity for public comment.

The Affordable Care Act changed that. It requires states to have a meaningful public comment period. We’ll see just how well South Carolina complies.

For the latest on Medicaid expansion in South Carolina, watch this 3-minute video of SC Progressive Network Director Brett Bursey. You might be surprised.

For a primer on ACA waivers, download this summary.

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