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Last year, our Healthy Democracy Campaign had an ambitious agenda (see below). In 2015, we can expect the Medicaid discussion to center around waivers.

The Social Security Act allows the Secretary of Health and Human services to waive certain Medicaid requirements to give states the flexibility to test new benefit designs and new approaches for delivering health care—so long as they promote the objectives of the Medicaid program. States have been using these waivers for decades, and 34 states currently have Section 1115 waivers in effect. The waiver application and approval process, however, has often taken place behind closed doors with little opportunity for public comment.

The Affordable Care Act changed that. It requires states to have a meaningful public comment period.

For a primer on ACA waivers, download this summary.

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The Network’s Healthy Democracy Road Show is a true grass roots campaign to educate and mobilize voters on the state of democracy and health care in South Carolina. With the midterm elections fast approaching, we are kicking our campaign into high gear.

Between now and the election Nov. 4, we are canvassing neighborhoods and community festivals to bust the myths and misinformation about health care in South Carolina.

Call 803-808-3384 or 803-445-1921 to volunteer for one of these canvassing efforts or to set up one in your area. No experience necessary. We will pair you with another volunteer and supply all materials.

To volunteer in Columbia, email Daniel Deweese at or Wayne Borders at To volunteer in Charleston, email Loreen Myerson at To volunteer in Greenville, email Mark Nelson at

  1. Download a copy of the Organizers’ Tookit here.
  2. Download and share our flyer.


Final Statewide Swing

10 cities in 10 days, mobilizing 150,000 voters

Oct. 21: Columbia, noon, Governor’s Mansion, Richland and Gadsden Streets, and Bamberg, 5pm, Bamberg County Hospital, 509 North St.
Oct. 22: Sumter
, 1pm, North Hope Center, 904 North Main St.
Oct. 23: Orangeburg,
1pm, Regional Medical Center, 3000 St. Matthews Rd. (Hwy. 601) DOWNLOAD FLYER here
Oct. 24: Charleston
, noon, ILA Hall, 1142 Morrison Dr. DOWNLOAD FLYER here
Oct. 27: Kingstree,
11am, Greater Bethel AME, 300 West Main St.;  Conway, 3pm, Bethel AME Church, 1530 Racepath Ave.; and Bucksport, 5:30pm, James R. Fraiser Community Center, 1370 Bucksport Rd.
Oct. 29: Spartanburg,
noon, ReGenesis Health Center, 550 South Church St.
Oct. 30: Greenville,
noon, Greenville County Square, 301 University Ridge

Nov. 4, 7am-7pm: ELECTION DAY! Help us GOTV.

The SC Progressive Network will be heading up election protection efforts in South Carolina. Problems voting? Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

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October Canvassing Calendar


Oct. 12, 4pm: Canvass, launching from ILA Hall, 1142 Morrison Dr.

Oct. 19,3:30-7pm: Canvass, North Charleston 6

Oct. 20,7pm: Network Charleston Chapter meeting, distribute turf

Oct. 21, 5:30-7:30: Canvass, Charleston’s 7th precinct

Oct. 26, 2-7pm: Canvass Clean-up Day, revisiting neighborhoods that weren’t completed

Oct. 30, 5:30-dusk: Canvass, James Island

Oct. 25, 8pm: 50 Shades of Halloween Hip Hop Festival, Omar Shriners Convention Center, 176 Patriots Point in Mt. Pleasant


Oct. 4: Block Party, Burdock Circle, Washington Park Neighborhood Association
Oct. 12, 4-7pm and 5-8pm:
Canvass, Richland, Ward 21
Oct. 16, 4-7pm: Canvass Richland, Ward 21
Oct. 18, 4-7pm: Canvass Richland, Ward 21
Oct. 19: 4-7pm and 5-8pm: Canvass, Richland, Ward 21
Oct. 21: 4-7pm: Canvass, Richland, Walden, Mandell Hall
Oct. 23: 4-7pm: Canvass, Richland, Walden, Mandell Hall
Oct. 25, 10am: Benedict College Homecoming Parade, Sumter Street
Oct. 25, 4-7pm: Canvass, Richland, Walden, Regency Park Drive
Oct. 26, 4-7pm: Canvass, Richland, Walden, Brook Pines
Oct. 28, 4-7pm: Canvass, Lexington-West Columbia 2
Oct. 30, 4-7pm: Canvass, Lexington-West Columbia 2

Nov. 1, 4-7pm: Canvass, Lexington-Chalk Hill, Lynnwoods
Nov. 2, 4-7pm: Canvass, Lexington-Chalk Hill


Oct. 15, 7:15pm: Coastal Carolina University, Wall Business College, Rm. 119


Oct. 13, 6pm: Presentation to NAACP and Medicaid expansion allies in Bamberg area. Speaker: Brett Bursey


Oct. 11, 11am: Alpha Pi Alpha Annual State Conference. Speaker: Brett Bursey

Download the South Carolina Hospital Association’s Medicaid expansion presentation.

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