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  1. Nancy Sopher:

    Hi. I’m a little slow when it comes to computer technology. Can you tell me how I can subscribe to your blog?


    Nancy Sopher

  2. Connie Hudson:

    When is the Medicaid vote coming up; and who do we contact to urge support for expansion?

  3. Anonymous:

    Nancy, you can subscribe here:

  4. Anonymous:

    Connie, see all the details you need in this blog post. In short, we are targeting Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee. The vote should come up in late March, early April.

  5. Michele E Hutchinson:

    I will drive to Penn Center on Friday18 Oct, 2013. I have room for three people in my mini van. I will return to Columbia at the end of the Retreat. (803) 447-3075
    I’ll try again tomorrow to give you my credit card #. I called today, but missed you guys. Or at your leisure, call me.

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