Flickr Photo Album plugin for WordPress.', 'tantan-flickr');?>

TanTanNoodles and licensed free of charge for you to use under the GPL license. This plugin is unsupported and comes with no official technical support. However, you can check the following pages for the latest updates to this plugin, along with any unofficial technical support:', 'tantan-flickr');?>

TanTanToolkit feed and get notified when there\'s an update to this plugin.', 'tantan-flickr');?>



wp-content/plugins/tantan-flickr/templates directory for the template files.', 'tantan-flickr');?>

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refresh to synchronize and refresh all your albums, or after you\'ve created a new set.', 'tantan-flickr');?>

refresh to synchronize and refresh all your groups.', 'tantan-flickr');?>

Please see this page for instructions on how to configure the plugin to display photos from groups.', 'tantan-flickr');?>