Network joins SC Small Business Chamber in screening new documentary “We’re Not Broke”

The SC Progressive Network‘s monthly movie night is changing time and location to co-sponsor the newly released 80-minute documentary We’re Not Broke. The public is invited to a free screening on Wednesday, April 25, 6:3-8:30pm at the USC Law School Auditorium, 701 S. Main.

After the screening, the film’s director, producer and writer—Karin Hayes—will be with us to answer questions. The evening will conclude with a discussion of the next steps to advocate for Congress to close corporate tax loopholes, end offshore tax havens and resist another repatriation tax holiday. This free event sponsored by the SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce.

With the United States in the grip of the worst economic recession since the Great Depression and an unprecedented budget deficit, the conclusion that our country is broke seems unquestionable. At least that’s what politicians and pundits want ordinary citizens to believe as they call for massive spending cuts.

Karin Hayes and Victoria Bruce’s searing exposé reveals that, strangely absent from this rhetoric, is the infuriating fact that multibillion-dollar corporations are based in the U.S., make money from American consumers, and often even receive lucrative contracts from the government, yet pay nothing in U.S. income taxes. By exploiting tax-law loopholes and spending millions on lobbyists to pressure politicians to protect their interests, corporations pocket billions while the less-connected middle class disappears, and the poor get poorer.

We’re Not Broke explores how the government has allowed this inequality to develop and the growing wave of discontent that it has fostered. Presaging the larger wave of protests that have arisen in recent months with the international Occupy movement, the film follows a number of activists who have had enough and are demanding that corporations finally pay their fair share.

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