This space was created for members and friends of the South Carolina Progressive Network to promote and advance the good work they are doing in communities across the state. Our purpose is to connect organizations and individuals of like mind to maximize collective power, and to grow the grass roots to change government and social policy from the ground up.

Network members represent a broad range of interests and have various priorities, but work in solidarity toward shared values of justice, fairness and common decency.

Got a question or beef? Email becci@scpronet.com.

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  1. How do I join and or follow the SC Prog Blog and Network? I recently moved from Florida where I volunteered with OFA since 2008. Thanks for your help. I would also like to come and hear Senator Sanders at the Penn Center next Saturday. Is his talk open to the public? Thanks.

  2. The # 1 priority in 2014 across the South should be to get the vote out. Too many Democrats don’t vote. The GOP pushback against voting rights is shameful. Progressive can push back too.

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