The News They Didn't Report


The great new media for our brave new world really showed its tail in its "coverage" of the U.N. Women's Conference in Beijing.
Instead of writing about the conference, it published all the bad things that go on in China as if the reporters were teenage boys just discovering sex. All the things they did report on were happening last year were they just trying to bury the real news of the conference?
They wrote about the anti-freedom-for-women patriarchal religions, as if they constitute the moral high ground instead of being the prime advocates of women's subservience to the male master's comfort.
They wrote about bus schedules and visas. The media even dutifully repeated rumors that Non-Governmental women would march naked.
What they weren't writing about was what was actually going on at the conferences. What the platform was trying to do: find ways to solve the myriad social and legal ills that have reduced and kept most women of the world in a state of poverty, sexual and reproductive slavery, and in such general wretchedness that it cannot be discussed on "family" television or printed in "family" newspapers, church bulletins and magazines.
The analysts also missed what may well be the greatest boon of the conferences. The big news in Beijing is the networking that has developed among the thousands of women who met and saw the same gleam in each other's eyes and have the same commitment to the betterment of their sisters.
They are women leaders from the grassroots level to heads-of-state to U.S. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton getting to know each other.
Can you imagine the absolute power surge that hit every woman delegate when she saw that she was part of a powerful group of women from every continent, of every nationality, of every race, of every hue and size and age?
Do you honestly think that she is not coming home to spread the word that regardless of what the patriarchal media and the patriarchal-sanctioned governments and religions say the fact is, boys, "The sisterhood is alive and well and strong and getting stronger!"
Yet, what may well be the most lasting result of this conference won't be the platform although it is the glue that holds ideas in one place. The most lasting result will be that most of these powerful women are, or will soon be, Internet-computerized.
After the last learned analysis of the conference is chewed over by the guys in suits and their pronouncements resemble the balloons of a party that have softened and collapsed, the strong, powerful women and friends will still be talking, planning and plotting and remembering how the patriarchal-controlled United Nations, with the full approval of then-President George Bush, assigned the women's conference to one of the most oppressive nations on earth, with a history of murdering billions of babies whose crime was to be born female.
The patriarchy has long recognized the gawd-awful danger/power of women being able to communicate with each other away from the ever-vigilant eye of their masters. That is why men (and men-controlled-women) fight attempts by women to network on cyberspace. Look at the way every women's net is invaded by male venom. (Those with weak stomachs shouldn't even think about reading my mail!)
But Internet-women stubbornly work around these hate messages and keep networking, growing stronger and exchanging more and more vital information.
We regularly In-talk to women (and great, strong men) in Australia, Russia, South Africa, Germany, England, Canada as well as every corner and niche of the United States. Yes, the lasting result of the women's conference in China is that millions of women will be networked.
It is ironic that China should be the scene of the largest birth in history: the baby being worldwide feminist communication.
From Catt's Claw

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