What They're Saying

Conference comments

"The Platform for Action is a document that Amnesty International can do business with to hold governments accountable. And getting down to business is exactly what governments and the United Nations now need to do."
Pierre Sane, secretary-general, Amnesty International

"The document does not respect human dignity; seeks to promote abortion, depraved sexual behavior, homosexuality, lesbianism, sexual promiscuity, and sex for children; and seeks to destroy the authority of parents over their children."
Statement by the conservative group NGO Coalition for Women and the Family

"Our plea is a very straightforward one not for new rights, not for special rights, but to have the human rights that countries around the world have said all people should enjoy. We do not see why we should wait another decade to have the rights of lesbians explicitly recognized in the platform."
Shelagh Day, Canadian activist

"That chapter (on health) is not facing the real needs and expectations of women in developing countries. It is only focusing on sexual things and you ignore what is the main concern for women in Nigeria, in Zimbabwe and in India and so on. That is tropical diseases and elementary and basic health services and so on."
Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro

"The bottom-line goal was met in reaffirming and in some cases moving forward on previous international agreements. There is recognition of the full contributions women make to their families, society and the economy. Respect is afforded to all women and protections against discrimination is enhanced."
U.S. delegation deputy chairwoman Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky

"If our governments are going to commit resources, that is what we want. But if something else happens, the movement will go on. We will implement our own platform of action."
Nandini Azad, Grassroots Organizations Operating Together in Sisterhood

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