Get the Point

South Carolina didn't get the POINT last month; we simply didn't have the money to publish. For now, we will continue the struggle to keep POINT alive because we hear just often enough from people who think it is an important part of this state's political and cultural landscape -- a landscape where everything has a peculiar rightward tilt.

Fact is, we need 2,000 members to sustain this newspaper. You might think that we could find that many people willing to cough up 26 tax-deductible dollars to help insure that South Carolina keeps getting the POINT, but to date we have not. While we get lots of high fives for our efforts, we aren't making enough money to cover our basic expenses. We're not ready to give up, but we may be forced to print fewer papers and publish less frequently until our base of financial support improves.

That is where you come in. If you are already a member of our foundation, consider giving a subscription to your legislator, your boss, your sweetie, your neighbor, your mother or a Rush-loving relative. Call 800-849-1803 to put it on plastic, or fill out and return the form below.

If you've got a mouse in your hand while you're reading this, you can thank our Webmaster Steve Hait. He is responsible for putting POINT online. While you are at POINT's home page, you should check out the South Carolina Progressive Network site, also created by Steve, where you can find out what the vast liberal conspiracy is up to in this state.

For the last half of last month, POINT was held hostage inside our Mac, which grows more surly with age. Computer wizard John Gelinas deserves high praise and much good fortune (this means we didn't pay him) for spending many long hours getting the fatal error messages off our screen.


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