Loose Lips

They’re Back…

The state legislature, adjourned since June, came back to life Dec. 5 and with the early filings for the next legislative session Jan. 8. Much of the prefiled legislation is pandering to the squeekiest wheel in what’s known as “special interests.” For example:

Rep. Ted Pitts (R-Lexington) has proposed (H-4329) a Second Amendment Weekend that calls for the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving to be an opportunity to by guns with no sales tax.

S 3873 is Jakie Knotts’ (R-Lexington) bill to reduce the fees for hunting licenses for the military.

The Big Kahuna of the legislature, Glenn McConnell (R-Charleston), has a bill for English Only (S 857) when you are dealing with the state government.

Rep. Chip Huggins (R-Lexington) has a bill to require picture voter IDs ( H 4352) , in spite of the fact that individual vote fraud is nill here. Why make it harder to vote when, already, fewer South Carolinians vote than citizens in 136 other nations?

Rep. Carl Gullick (R-York) wants legislation (H-4381) that would allow people you owe money to to garnish your wages.

We are clearly safer when these guys are on vacation.

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