Stop Sen. Jim DeMint

By Ryan Wilson

SC Pride

Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina released this letter addressed to Pastors and Religious Leaders on official US Senate letterhead. I mean I know I live in South Carolina, but seriously? I expected better! He talks about the separation of church and state which I feel he blatantly violates by sending this very letter.

Ironically, I wrote to the Senator just last week asking for his support of the Uniting American Families act and telling my story as a person in a bi-national relationship who’s partner is currently struggling with immigration in-equality. Guess I can be pretty certain I won’t have his vote.

This week South Carolina was a buzz with LGBT activity. Thursday theĀ Sean Kennedy of Greenville, who would have no doubt been at the front of the Upstate Pride parade. Instead his still grieving mother Elke was forced to march in his place, knowing Sean’s murderer is set to be released in September, having served only 1 year for killing her son after calling him a “f*g”. Hate Crimes do happen, and people like myself, people like Sean, need the protection that the Matthew Shepard Act can provide and resources our local police departments need to investigate these crimes when they do happen.

So, Senator DeMint, it is not the Hate Crime bill or the LGBT Movement in South Carolina that needs to be stopped. We stand for progress; for equality. We stand for family values (all families, not just some). We stand for acceptance and tolerance. It is you, Sen. DeMint, who needs to be stopped! Stop quoting biased research by, of all places, the Family Research Council. Stop telling lies about the Matthew Shepard Act. Stop telling lies about LGBT persons. Stop telling lies about me!

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