Why did I get arrested?

“Ralph, what are you doing out there?” Thoreau asked.

I don’t know when I will be back in police custody, and I fear it will cost more next time. But I know civil disobedience is an effective tool in the struggle for The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible. I capitalize that phrase because it is the title of a good book by Charles Eisenstein that is challenging me to do all I can to get food to the hungry, healing to the sick, and peace to a world tortured by all kinds of silly wars.

Thank you for the huge wave of encouragement I have received for my time in handcuffs and my ride in the back of a police cruiser.


Pat Jobe likes Mark Twain’s tease of Lord Byron, “On with the dance. Let joy be unconfined is my motto. Whether there is any dance to dance or any joy to unconfine.”

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  1. LP32:

    Thank you for doing this – for all of us!

  2. sara:

    WONDERFUL Work!!! Thanks for Representing Humanity to these truly ignorant and or evil Legislators and Governor Haley and the rest of SC

  3. Linda:

    Thank you for being brave to stand for those who can not, for speaking for those who no longer can, for your love of human kind.

  4. Sheldon:

    Thanks Reverend God speed and God Bless! Power to the people

  5. Beverly Diane Frierson:

    Thank you, Rev. Jobe. Your story as told by the anonymous Unitarian Universalist was powerful. Being a retired English teacher, I loved the vignette about Emerson and Thoreau! I want to be arrested “for the cause,” but circumstances I do not feel comfortable articulating in this format preclude that possibility this week. I will however use my communication skills to educate and inspire others about our goals.

    Later, today I will send you and Becci a link to my most recent editorial which was published in “The Country Chronicle.” As I mentioned in our conference call of March 9, we need to identify writers in each Congressional District to assist us in spreading the word statewide; further, we need to contact national media and request their help in documenting and telling the South Carolina story.

    Let’s remain prayful and committed to doing His will. I hope to meet you at tomorrow’s rally.

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